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how to create facebook event with multiple host

Facebook is the worldwide used social network site which helps the user stay in touch with friends and family. Facebook also has various account features where user can chat online and also take part in various events. Facebook users have registered problem in creating events in Facebook and then adding multiple hosts in the event. This article will provide best solution for the Facebook issues.

Here are the steps to create a private or public event –

  • Open the Facebook account and in the left menu of the News Feed click on ‘Events’.
  • Next in the top right click on ‘Create’.
  • Now choose whether to create a private or public event. In case user is creating a public event then user can set the event’s host as user itself.
  • Now fill in the ‘event name’, ‘details’, ‘location’ and ‘time’. When user is creating a public event then user can select a category, add a keyword and also add a link to a ticketing website.
  • Finally click on ‘Create’ to create an event. Now user can invite guests, upload photos or share photos in the event.

To add a host to the Facebook event follow the steps –

  • Open the Facebook page and at the top of the event click ‘Edit’.
  • Now in the ‘Co-hosts’ field add names.
  • Hosts and co-host can invite more people to the event.

Follow the steps to invite people to an event that’s already created –

  • Open the Facebook account and go to the event.
  • Now in the top right below the photo click on ‘Invite’.
  • Search and select friends for invitation and click ‘Send’.
  • Also user can choose different privacy settings to the event.