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Google Assistant Not Working

About Google assistant

Google assistance is a top rated service that is provide by the Google, in this services users can search on internet with the help of their voice without using figures on typing or screen. Google assistance is used on all type of device to find many things during browsing. But in some condition they also have the technical issues at the time of using the Google assistance.  These are the problem that can be occurred just because of the several issues but it’s not means that you cannot able to fix those issues of Google Assistance. If you want to solve or fix the error Google assistant not working or responding then the step by step process are heir you can follow to solve your issues with the Google assistance.

How to enable Google assistant?

When you have to enabled Google Assistant in your device then you can follow these steps-

  • You need to open the Google app in your device in that you are trying to use Google assistance.
  • After that you have to click on the top right menu of the screen and then you have to choose the setting option from the menu and you can get the option after scroll down menu.
  • You can click on the settings under the Google assistance.
  • Now you can turn on or Enable the Google assistance for your device.

If you are getting any problem or issues during setting or after while using Google assistance, then you need to communicate or contact with the customer service team of Google account and you can get the best help and support to solve your all type of queries related to Google Assistance. You can take the solution of fix the error of Google Home, Wi-Fi connection of Google home and Google Home not responding to solve these query you can call the Google Assistance not working customer service or helpline for more details.