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Google Chrome Not Working

Why is my Google Chrome not Working or Responding

Google Chrome is widely used and the most preferred browser that is used on multiple devices. Despite a number of boons, sometimes users come across issues like Google Chrome not opening. If you are one among the users confronting such an issue then do not panic. It can easily be resolved with the help of troubleshooting steps.

Google Chrome not opening

Know why Google Chrome is not working on your device:

While accessing Google Chrome, there may be a number of factors that alter the working of Google Chrome. Here are the few reasons due to which Google Chrome not opening:

  • Due to the Network connectivity issue.
  • If excessive caches get accumulated.
  • Because of inappropriate resources.
  • If conflicting software running simultaneously.
  • If Google Chrome is not updated.

Google Chrome not working on Mac

Because of the added features and reliable services, Google Chrome is a broadly preferred web browser that is accessed on multiple devices. But sometimes, users encounter issues like Google Chrome not working on Mac. If you too are facing such issues then do not get panic. Read along the article to get an effective solution to the problem.

How to fix if Google Chrome not working on Mac:

Users can go ahead with the basic troubleshooting steps to fix the issue persisting with the Google Chrome on Mac.

  • Kill the multiple tasks running on your Mac: If various tasks are running on your Mac then it may be consuming significant resources. So, stop the various tasks and liberate the resources for the proper functioning of Google Chrome.
  • Uninstall the incompatible software: Incompatible software causes conflicts while working with the Google Chrome thus it is required to uninstall the incompatible software, if any from the Mac.
  • Clear all the cookies from the Mac: Excess accumulation of cookies and caches alter the proper working of Google Chrome. For the smooth functioning of Chrome, clear the caches and browsing the history of Google Chrome.
  • Check the internet connection and Restart your Mac: Establish a strong connection in order to work with Google Chrome and then restart your device. Restarting the device will eliminate the problem of Google Chrome not working on Mac.

After opting the remedies, you will be able to fix the problem persisting on your Mac. In case of any chronic issue, you can contact Google customer support.

Google Chrome Not Responding

How to fix if Google Chrome not responding:

  • The first and foremost thing while accessing Google Chrome is to check the internet connection and establish a strong connection. If your device is not connected to the internet then it will create an issue while working with the Google Chrome.
  • Clear the caches from your device- This is the dominating reason that causes an issue while opening Google Chrome. Cookies and caches alter the proper functioning of Chrome, due to which users may face the problem. So it is important to remove the caches. Here are the steps to remove caches from your device:
  • Tap on the Chrome menu icon and select the more tools option.
  • From there, click on the Clear Browsing data option.
  • Pick the Cookies/Other site data and then click on Clear data option.

Now, it will remove all the caches from your device and you can restart your device to resume the work on Google Chrome.