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Access Your Locked Gmail Account

"Unlock your temporarily locked Gmail Account due to unusual usage behaviour with this simple guide and get back your Email access."

Regain Access to Temporarily Locked Gmail Account Instantly

Google is very strict in keeping its products and services up to its policies. If Google finds any suspicious or unusual activity on your account then it will strike out the access to the service. To help protect your account from fraud or abuse, Google might temporarily suspend your account. According to Google Help Support, the following activities may lock down your account which may last from a minute to 24 hours depending on the behaviour of your account usage detected by the system.


How to Unlock your Locked Gmail Account ?

So, they are very strict with the policies and terms and conditions.

Now, depending on the case, there can be a bunch of methods which will help you get the account back. Let me start with each of them, one by one!

Method 1

This method will help out for those who have been using a third-party application to access the Gmail account, using either IMAP or POP connection.

  • To fix the account, go to the third-party application and remove the POP and IMAP configurations.

  • Secondly, remove all the extensions from the web browser (Chrome or Firefox or any other). There are many extensions which have a security loophole, because of which there is a chance of getting the account hacked or losing the privacy control.

  • Delete the complete cache of the web browser and restart the system, or at least, restart the web browser.

  • Go and revoke all the third-party apps from accessing the account for a while.

On top of these, you need to fix the system’s security status by scanning for virus or malware using an updated and premium antivirus software.

Method 2

If aforementioned method doesn’t work, then you can try and login Gmail through a different server. You can reach out to that new and unused server by using the Gmail in other different country.

Doing this will reset the cookies which has expired because of the illegal activity or temporarily lock down situation. Now, accessing the Gmail account via a different server will work in your case as it will be using new set of cookies.

How to avoid future lockdowns ?

  • Do not send more than 500 limited messages and avoid bulk emails
  • Do not have Gmail opened at different locations
  • Avoid giving account access to third party apps or software
  • Avoid sending large media files
  • If your latest downloaded browser extension is causing issue, delete it.

How to avoid hacking attempts ?

If any hacking attempts are made on your account you can protect it from future advertence by setting up 2-step verification which prompts you to verify your identity by sending you message on your backup number or account.