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All my incoming mail is going to my junk folder

There are times when the G mail users complaints that their emails are directly going to the junk folder and are creating issues for them as they are not able to know about the important emails. This issue can occur because of server settings issues and also because of the network.

So, if anytime the users face this type of issue the users can simply follow the below mentioned steps !

  • First of all the users need to make sure that have not made any filters with the delete action as by doing so will create more issue.
  • If by chance there are several filters then the users need to edit it by going to the delete it action option.

  • Users should make sure that they have deselected the option named G mail’s copy in the forwarding that is located in the forwarding option of the G mail’s settings.

  • Users should also make sure that the delete G mail copy is not selected if the users are using G mail in their POP server settings.

  • If the users are accessing their G mail account by various POP servers then they should make sure that they have clicked on the leave a copy of messages on server option.

So, these are the ways that the users need to follow so as to solve the issue of their emails going to the junk folder in their G mail account. On the other hand if the users finds any difficulty in these steps or have any confusions regarding it then they can simply contact the Gmail technical support and can get in touch with the concerned representatives.