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Facebook Not Working on Chrome and Android

Instant assistance to know how to fix the issue of facebook not working on Chrome:

The users may face the issue of Facebook not working on Chrome. First of all the user needs to delete the history that includes cookies, temporary folders and cache before the user opens the Facebook page.

  • The user needs to click on the three arrows dot bar present and then the users may click on the history.

  • The user may then click on the option of clearing the browsing data.

  • Then the user may select all. After doing this.,all the cache, history and the password will be deleted.

  • Thereafter the user may try to open the facebook page in order to check to see if it is open or not.

  • The user needs to make sure that the services of Facebook securely. The user may do this by changing the web address from HTTP:// to https:// at the start of the URL of the facebook used by the user to open the facebook account.

  • After this, due to the time settings of the computer, the user needs to make sure to check whether the timing of the device is correct or not.

  • In case the timing is not correct, then the users may change the settings accurately.

  • If there is any other issue, then the users may check whether the browser is updated or not.

  • If the user finds out that the browser is not updated then the user ay try and make all the required and necessary attempts in order to update the browser quickly.

These are some of the steps that the users may follow in order to know  how to fix the issue of Facebook  not working on Chrome. The users may also seek the opinion and support of the experts for fixing the issues.

How to fix the issue of Facebook not working on Android phone?

The users may follow these steps :

  • The user needs to make sure that the user has the most updated  have the most updated version of Facebook for Android app.

  • Then the users may go to the Play Store and then the users may download the newest version directly from Facebook.

  • If there is any other new version  of the Facebook app that is available and the users do not have it, then it will be listed before the user so they can download the same and thus resolve the issue of  facebook not working on android phone.

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