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Gmail not working on android after 2 step verification

Get rid out of the problem of Gmail that is not working on Android after 2 step verification:
There might be some point where you performed a wrong steps while 2 step verification in Gmail. Gmail is only a webmail service where Google has been introduced process of two step verification in order make your account more secure. Millions of people are carrying android phone and all of them go through two step verification but unfortunately many gets failed. If you are seeking relevant solution steps then contact tech support.
Resolve if Gmail not working on Android after 2 step verification in few steps:
  • Go to the login page and get into it by entering correct email address and password as well.
  • Go to the two step verification page tap on the option of get started.
  • Enter the phone number so that you can get six digit verification code.
  • Now user need to verify the number by entering the six digit verification in the required section.
  • User must go through the confirmation that you wish to turn on two step verification.
  • Whenever you select code generation, you will be presented with a bar code  that you need to be scanned with password.
  • Once people add their account, use the code evolved by your app of selection to activate two step verification back over the original service.
Even after following these steps in your android device you are not getting any satisfactory result then contact best techies of the company. All the resources are developed in your service only.