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Gmail What To Do When It Stop Receiving Emails

Gmail is quite important to all those who wants to perform the action with uniform speed.It helps the users in sending the files with large size and used to perform other important actions such as audio and video calls.Users are just required to assure that there is proper internet connection.People are using it because it is user friendly and better in comparison to other email applications.

There are some situations when the individuals got stuck through sudden issues but for that they may avail the instant help from the technical team.To get help from the customer support team,users are required to dial the Gmail customer service number that is easy to find.
What are the major bugs that has been solved through the support team?

There are number of bugs that has been solved through the support team in which some has been listed here:

  • Why am I able to receive but not able to send mails?
  • Why the server is creating problem in login?
  • Why the old emails are downloading again?
  • Why am I getting the spam errors? 
  • How may I remove the cache from my account page?
  • Why am I still facing the synchronization problem in my Gmail account?
  • How the important mails could be found easily?

Several problems are there that has been solved through the customer care assistance but here individuals may see the resolution for one:

How to solve the problem when Gmail stop receiving emails?
  • First users need to make sure that mail service is enabled
  • It is also required to assure that users wouldn’t have the forwarder setup for the email account that is sending address to different email address
  • In case individuals would have the forwarder setup,users should assure that it keeps the copy in the original account

For the conditions when the individuals need further help for the above solved problem, they should contact with the support team as soon as possible.The easy way for getting connected with the technical team  is through dialling the toll free number.With the help of this,individual's problem get solve easily and quickly.