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Google chrome browser is not working properly in ubuntu 16.04

Google chrome is one of the best internet browsers used by the several users by using various devices like Android, iPhone, Windows, Ubuntu, and more. Although Google chrome is widely used on the Windows devices, however, if someone is using Google chrome on Ubuntu 16.4 in order to use Google chrome browser then he can use that without any hassles. But still, if he faces any issue with the Google chrome which is not working fine and not working fine then he is required to get in touch with tech support team that is available round the clock to help out the users in all respects.

To fix the issue, a user needs to understand that which websites are working fine on the Google chrome browser and then set the on the command line and then select the Google-chrome-stable. Despite understanding the basic concept, check out the Google chrome is updated with the Ubuntu 16.4 or not and if it is not, then go through the procedure to update Google internet browser.

If after updating Google chrome browser someone having any issue again then he has only one option to do which following below:

  • Start Ubuntu device and then go to a terminal screen and then put the Google-chrome-stable.

  • Start the syntex for /opt/google/chrome/chrome when failed to execvp

  • Then type '$ps ax | grep -i chrome' which produces the existence of a Sleeping Process and the Zombie.

  • Click to remove everything and then type 'apt-get purge google-chrome-stable' and started over.

  • Select the installed signing key with sudo apt-key add -' which gave me the -OK as expected.

  • Click the OK button and restart the Ubuntu device that fixes the unexpected bugs mannerly.

Now launch the browser and navigate the page of websites on the Google chrome when it is working fine on Ubuntu device. However, if the user having any other issue then he is free to make a call at Google chrome technical support number that is available 24 by 7 to eliminate the bugs in no time.