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Google Voice Search Not Working Fix:+1-802-478-7548 Now

Resolve Technical Error If Google Voice Search Not Working, Ok Goolge Not Working or Google Not Working Issues 

Individual have obtained solution to number of technical difficulties,it is really easy to solve all such issues.You just need to go by certain guidelines that has been suggested by experts.Here, you may find resolution for certain technical issues suggested by technicians:

FixGoogle Voice Search not working:

  • To fix this issue,there is need to go by certain guidelines:
  • You need to ensure that “ok google” is under working process or not
  • If your “Ok Google” has not been turned on,you need to turn on Google app and then the main menu.
  • It is required to go for the voice “Settings.” Tap the option of “ok google” detection.
  • Now, the Google voice search not working will get solve easily

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What to do when Google not working?

  • It is required to restart the computer
  • There is need to check the internet connection
  • However,there is need to ensure that there is any internet connection or not
  • Also, there is need to check malware effect
  • You also need to update Google
  • Now, you should quit unresponsive tabs
  • It is now need to see that whether problem has been fixed or not

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To solve this issue, it is required for you to go by certain guidelines that has been suggested by customer support team:

1.Check your language settings

When Google Assistant doesn’t responds properly,it may be due to the wrong language that has been already set. It is required for you to check in the “Settings” menu and altering as required.It is required for you to go to the Google app and then to the main menu, go to the “Settings” and then “Voice.”You can choose the appropriate language from the “Voice menu.” There are several language options, each of the language will be available with a checkbox,it is required for you to set both primary and secondary languages if in case, it is required.Google will detect which language that you speak and switch between them accordingly.When the individual will be multilingual,it is required to be attentive that the voice recognition of languages other than English can sometimes be not good. 

If you do proper updation in language,it can even solve the issue.By using the “Voice” menu, you need to go to the Offline speech recognition and need to download or update the English language pack.

2.It is required to check microphone on the device

As it is the Google voiced system, Google Assistant believes in an uninterrupted access to the smartphone's microphone.After you open the Google app, the microphone icon that is located on the right side of the search bar should come as bold, with the combination of fully-formed lines. If there is a dotted line, there may be issue with the microphone.

It can be caused by debris in your  small microphone hole that is found beside the charging port.It contains a careful poke with a safety pin or similar to clear it out and you can fix the issue.If it doesn’t works,you need to check for the microphone settings within the Google app.If any of the app working in the background and it even create noises that can interrupt with the microphone picking up your voice, you should check these too – it is required for you to close  app that is making noise.


3.There is need to retrain "Ok Google" voice model

Sometimes,the reason towards the issue will not be clear to you.Google Assistant helps to retain the commands that has been given by you. If all methods will get fail, it can be the time to retrain the digital companion.For doing this,there is need to open Google app and then should go to the main menu,you need to go in Settings and then into Voice.Tap the option of "Ok Google" detection.If you go for the further process,there is need to select Retrain voice model and say "OK Google" three times.

4.You should disable S Voice or Bixby if you are using Samsung

As you don’t know the actual reason towards the problem,it has been found that Google Assistant doesn’t have better compatibility with Bixby on Samsung phones.When you will have Samsung with Bixby or S Voice installed and it prefers to use Google's voice assistant instead, the best option is to disable Bixby or S Voice on the device entirely.For doing that,there is need to locate the app icon for S Voice or Bixby and should tap it for long duration and choose “Disable.

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