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How do I block a particular person in a WhatsApp group?

There are two different methods to block any contact on WhatsApp. Actually both of them are same but the approach is little different. Let's start with first one.

  • User Privacy Settings

In this method, you've to change privacy settings. Follow these step by step instructions to block any contact. 

  1. First of all, open WhatsApp.
  2. Here click on option menu button (three dots)

    WhatsApp Settings
  3. Now move to "Settings > Account > Privacy"
  4. Under messaging section, click on "Blocked contacts" option.

    Privacy Settings
  5. Now click [Plus+Person] icon at the top of your screen. (See below picture)

    Blocked Contacts
  6. Finally select the contact name that you wish to block and you've done it.

Note: Before using any of the method, please turn on your mobile data or Wi-Fi. If there would be no Internet connection, it will display an error message as "You need to have network access to block/unblock a user"

To unblock the same person, go back to the "Blocked contacts" list then, click the person name and select Unblock option.

  • Use Chat Option

Alternatively, you can use chat options to block any contact. Follow these simple steps - 

  1. Again open WhatsApp.
  2. Now open person chat. You can also open it from "Contacts" tab by scrolling left.
  3. After this, click on chat option menu button (same three dots)

    Chat Options
  4. Now click "More" and then select "Block" option.
  5. A pop up box will appear. Click OK to allow permission and that's it.

    Allow Permission to Block Person

As like in 1st method, you can unblock contacts with same process