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How Do I Enable Google Instant Search in Google Chrome

Enable Google Instant Search in Google Chrome

When the instant search feature is enabled in Google Chrome, you can search for any keyword in Google just typing it into the address bar. More specifically, when you type any web address at the address bar, the browser opens the webpage instantly. There are various ways to enable Google Instant search in Google chrome.

1. Enable Instant Search from Google Chrome Settings

You can enable the instant search feature from the browser settings option. Click on the Settingsbutton at your Google Chrome browser and click on Options.

Alternately, you can paste the following path at the address bar and hit Enter to open the settings page directly.


Whatever the way you follow, they will open the Options page.

Under the Basic options, find out the Search item and check the box marked as “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing Omnibox input may be logged”.

You are done! The instant search feature is now enabled in your Google Chrome browser.

2. Enable the Instant Search feature from the Google Chrome internal setting page

This is one of the simple but efficient way to enable the instant search feature in Google Chrome. Type about:flags at the address bar of the browser and hit Enter.

In the upcoming page, enable both the options Instant Type and Instant Autocomplete Immediately.

You can now perform instant searching from the address bar. Another interesting feature of instant search is that an exact match with a web address loads the page automatically.