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How do I fix yahoo mail problem?

How do I fix Yahoo mail problem?

Fix Yahoo mail problem

Yahoo! Mail is the place which assists to send, receive, and manage emails. It is very commonly used by every third individual plus it is a very popular mail service. However, users, many times, face issues in getting emails due to various reasons. If in case the user is also having issues in getting emails in your Yahoo Mail account, the user can go through the following guidelines in order to solve how do I fix yahoo mail not working in a step by step procedure.

How to fix Yahoo Mail not receiving Emails?

  1. Using the mobile browser- Yahoo not receiving emails issue can be because of poor connection or no internet connection. Ensure that the device is associated with the internet then try to update the latest version of the browser. Press the “force stop” option then start again the browser. Now delete all the browser’s cache. Switch off private browsing then permit the location services. Start again the mobile device. 
  2. Yahoo Mail app- If Yahoo is not receiving an email issue is in your mobile browser but not in the app, then try the following solutions.
  3. Update the app- Go to the app store on the device. Visit “My applications” then choose the Yahoo app. Press the “Updates” tab then press the “Update” option in order to update. If the user would not locate the “Update” button that means the app is up-to-date.
  4. Sign in and out of the app- On your mobile device visit application. Tap on the profile icon image icon. Then press sign out. To remove not receiving the Yahoo mail issue on your mobile device, visit the application. Press on the profile icon image then click Sign in. Click your Yahoo ID to press Sign in
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the app- Press on the option of ‘Settings’ option. Next, go to the for the menu of ‘Accounts & Sync.’ Later below the Manage Accounts option visit for the expected account you need to switch. Next, visit the menu of the ‘Remove Account’ option.

These were the following fixes in order to solve Yahoo mail not working on iPhone if still any problem then contacts customer care support and ask them to solve the problem and the user also feels free to drop the mail on the official mail address.

Yahoo mail not working on iPhone

What Should You Do When Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone?

Sometimes, it has been seen that users may face issues while accessing their Yahoo Mail account on the iPhone. If such a situation has happened with you and you want to fix it as soon as possible,  you can go along with the given steps:

  • Before you do anything, you should check the internet connectivity if your Wifi is good, try to use the mobile data to open your Yahoo Mail app. 

  • Also, you need to check if any latest update is pending for the Yahoo app, go to the App Store, and update the app immediately. 

  • In addition, it may be possible that your iPhone has a pending upgrade, in such a case, you are required to install the upgrade first and then use the Yahoo Mail app. 

  • Exit the Yahoo app completely, lock and unlock iPhone and also, try to restart your iPhone. Once your device is turned on, you should check if the problem is fixed. 

After doing the above steps, if you still have Yahoo mail not working on iPhone issue, contact Yahoo support to get assistance and fix the problem. The team will help you around the clock.