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How do i sync my iPhone contacts to my Google account?

With the help of contacts syncing you can keep all of your important contacts available in your device. If you have two sets of contacts between your iPhone and Google accounts, then there is no need to keep the accounts separate. Do you have any idea about that? If your answer is no, then read this article very carefully and apply the following steps to sync iPhone contacts to Gmail:

  • Step 1:- First of all, open the Settings on your iPhone.

  • Step 2:- Tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

  • Step 3:- Tap on the Add Account and then choose Google from the list. If your Google account is already listed, then no need to perform this action. Just tap on the Google account.

  • Step 4:- Enter the login details of your Gmail account into the given box and tap on the Next.

  • Step 5:- Presently switch the Contacts option to On.

  • Step 6:- Choose that you want to keep your existing iPhone contacts or not. To sync to Gmail, choose the option of syncing and then your iPhone contacts ready to syncing.

  • Step 7:- After that, restart your iPhone to complete the process.