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How to block senders or unwanted emails in Gmail

Nowadays, emails are becoming faster and easier way of communication. Gmail is one among those email service which is largely used by the billions of users. Sometimes when you open your email account an email from a unknown sender is present in your inbox which is not relevant according to you.

Are you getting so many emails from any unknown contact or person continuously? Then you can block those email ID which is very easy in Gmail. If you have no idea to block senders or unwanted emails in Gmail, then don’t be confused and read this article very carefully to learn about the step by step instructions of blocking unknown senders in Gmail:

  • Step 1:- First of all, open any message from the unknown contact.

  • Step 2:- Now you have to seen three dots in the right side of message and then tap on it.

  • Step 3:- Scroll down and you have to seen the option to Block and then tap on that option.

  • Step 4:- Presently the sender has been blocked which means you will not find any emails from this particular sender in your inbox. You can find all the messages from this sender in the spam box.