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How To Block Someone On Gmail App

Here is How to Block Someone on Gmail: Desktop, Android and iOS

Did you get tired of phishing messages? or Is it a harass or threat? And that is why you are worried about those spam and phishing messages.But, don’t worry if someone is continuously asking information by sending spam emails or disturbing you in any way, you can block that sender's email id in your Gmail account. Because Gmail also has a blocking feature which can be used to block incoming emails from someone on Gmail. Also, if you have mistakenly blocked someone, you can unblock that Gmail ID just by following few steps.

You can also take some necessary steps from your local authorities suggested by Gmail if someone harassing you via emails and Gmail strongly against these spam activities. In any case, Gmail support directly told to the users to block those email addresses if users feel something bad with those email ids.

How To Block Someone on Gmail On Desktop

  • Log in to your Gmail account and open a mail sent by the person you’re looking to block.
  • Find the downward pointing arrow on the top right corner of the mail window, besides the reply icon, and click on it.

  • Select ‘Block (sender)’ and then confirm it in the pop-up by clicking on ‘Block’.

  • The intended person will be blocked, and all the emails sent by them will land up in the spam. You won’t see any of their emails in your inbox and certainly won’t be notified.

How To Unblock Some on Gmail on Desktop

  • In case you’re feeling remorseful about blocking the said person or have accidentally blocked someone, don’t worry, unblocking takes a little effort.

  • Just go to an email by the blocked person, click on the downward pointing arrow on the top right corner of the mail and select ‘Unblock (sender)’.

  • Confirm the unblocking on the pop-up box and all the emails from this sender will now appear in your inbox and won’t be marked as spam.


How To block Someone on Gmail on Android Device

  • Blocking someone on Gmail via your Android device is as simple as blocking via a PC. First, you need to access your Gmail app and open an email sent by the person you’re looking to block.

  • Tap on the three-dot menu you see on the top right corner of the mail.

  • Select ‘Block (sender)’ from the drop-down menu. You’ll be notified on-screen that the sender has been blocked and all his emails will be directly sent to the spam folder.

How To unblock Someone on Gmail on Android Device

  • Unblocking on Android is also the same as unblocking someone on Gmail via a desktop.

  • Simply go to an existing mail by the sender, tap on the three-dot menu and select ‘Unblock (sender)’ from the drop-down menu.

How to block someone on Gmail on iOS/ iPhone

  • Unfortunately, blocking someone on Gmail using either an iPhone or iPad isn’t possible.

  • If you’re using Gmail app on iOS/iPhone, then your best bet is accessing Gmail via computer or a browser on your device.

  • Try ‘request desktop site’ if the normal web app doesn’t allow you to block.

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