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How to Check if Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

Hey, i am jelly mike i have read this article on this website so i am just going to represent here how could you know if you gmail account has been hacked.

Steps for Checking Your Gmail Account is Hacked or Not

Change Gmail Account Background Picture

1. Log in into your Gmail using your username and password.
2. Click on “Details” link on bottom-right of the page.”Details” link appears below “Last account activity” on bottom-right of the page

recent activity on gmail

3. In Recent Activity Window you see when you logged in from Which IP. Recent activity also show locations of your logged in Computer. 

recent activity on gmail

4. Click on “Sign out all other sessions” if you are unsure that you have not logged out from your account. By clicking this option Gmail will sign out all other sessions from which you have logged in.

so this basic steps might be help you otherwise you can explore that site which i have mention in first line either you can follow these two url which i have seen on this website might be provide some effective information.