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How to Connect Printer with Mac

There are few steps you need to follow in order to connect the printer with Mac. At the very beginning, you should crosscheck the connection of USB cable to the both end of printer and computer in case of wired printer. Once after the printer is connected physically into the power outlet and gets turned on, it should be identified by the Mac. Accordingly select the preferences from apple menu by clicking on the printing tab following the option of print and fax. You can find the option on the left hand side of the window.

If the USB printer has not been recognized then perhaps you need to visit the manufacturer’s website in order to get the driver software. However, the process of downloading varies according to the manufacturer company of different branded printers. You can download the desired software from the respective website following by the installation guide to install the program. Also you may need to install the driver software for your printer, if the provided operating system of your Mac does not recognize the special features of the generic printer driver.

Few steps are enlisted below to tell you how to connect printer with Mac:

  • You can install the driver that works by sharing on the network.
  • Using IP or TCP protocol, you can easily print to certain case of remote printers. You have to know the IP address of the printer in this aspect.
  • In order to install IP printer, select system preferences, select print and fax under printing, and select the plus symbol below the option called printer list.
  • The window will open IP printers and default browser.
  • Click on the default browser and select printer from the list.
  • Your computer will connect the printer automatically emerging the Add button to add the computer with the printer.

The customers need to know the protocols before connecting the printer with the Mac.