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+1-802-478-7548 how to delete emails on iPhone and computer at the same time

iPhone user uses various email accounts +1-802-478-7548 and with the proper syncing user can have the email on the computer itself. Management of the emails is easier through email management features in the email account. Now users at times have registered the problem of deleting the emails from iPhone and computer together. One of the way deleting the emails is by individually deleting the emails from the respective devices. Open the email account on the iPhone or computer and select the emails to be deleted and click on ‘Delete’.

Another alternative way of deleting emails from the iPhone and computer together is by deleting mail from the iPhone POP server. Here are the steps to remove iPhone mail downloaded messages from the POP account automatically –

  • On the iPhone Home screen click on ‘Settings’.
  • Next tap on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.
  • Under ‘Accounts’ tap on the desired email account.
  • Now click on ‘Advanced’.
  • Under ‘Incoming Settings’ tap ‘Delete from server’.
  • Now select any one of them from ‘Seven days’ to remove iPhone mail from the server a week after download, ‘When removed from Inbox’ to delete iPhone mail from the server when the user deletes it and ‘Never’ to keep copies of messages on the POP server.
  • Return to the account setting by tapping ‘Advanced’.
  • Press on the Home button now.

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