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How to download hp printer driver for windows 10

Hp printers are the series of printers from the very famous telecommunication company that deals in the manufacturing as well as the maintenance of the various devices.This is basically the excellent product from the hp company.So in case you are looking for the amazing printing quality without any problems then you should try to go for this brand.

Now whenever you wish to use this printer then first of all you have to download the drivers for your printer, like if you are using it on windows 10 then the steps involved to download the drivers are as followed:-

  • here you first of all run the windows update and for that you need to check that the computer is properly connected to the internet

  • now after you are done with the update then you have to simply click on the HP from the manufacturer list

  • there you will find a number of options available, you just need to click on the printer that is appropriate for yourself

  • after that you have to simply select the printer driver and then after doing so you need to click on the next button

  • now go for selecting the option of replace the current driver

  • and then at the ending steps you can verify them by printing a test page.

In case of any trouble feel free to dial the hp printer customer service number.