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How To Fix Google Chrome Kill Pages Problem

The Reason behind to Google chrome unresponsive pages/kill pages:

  • Low internet connection or page script problem
  • Either CPU or RAM capture become more high

How To Keep away google chrome kill pages

  • Always use the high quality of antivirus software
  • Do not use low quality of plugin or extension
  • Always clear google chrome browser cookies on weekly basis.
  • Daliy use of disk cleanup
  • Always clear un used program or service
  • Do not open many tabs at one time in google chrome
  • Remember always keep empty this folder C:\Windows\Temp.

Fix Google Chrome Kill Page Issues : few steps

  • Clear your chrome browser cookies or caches inclduing history also
  • using good quality of antivirus daliy scan your full system
  • using cc cleaner always clear you c drive
  • Always user of Defragmentation.
  • these issues wil keep safe and keep away to kill the pages 

Other best solution to do this problem away

  • Go to the start menu open Run window & enter logo+R on your keybord
  • Paste this line %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and press enter.
  • default name folder you will see now rename this folder Backup Default now open your google chrome your problem now has been solved

Still you have any issue you can consult with google chrome customer service assistance.