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How To Invite A Friend To Gmail

Gmail is very popular web based email service from Google. Previously a new Gmail account could only be setup through an invitation email. As a result, there was huge craze for Gmail invites during that time with everyone eagerly waiting for an invite email message to register and create a new Gmail account. But now anyone can goto and register a new Gmail account without any invitation. However, if you still prefer to send or receive good old Gmail invite emails – then checkout following procedure to send Gmail invites.

  • Open website and login into your account. Look for buttons at the bottom left part of the Gmail inbox. By default, Chat button is highlighted – click on … (three dots) button to view Gadget options for your account.
  • You should see ‘Invite a friend’ option there. Click + sign next to it and should see box to enter email ID of friend(s) to whom you want to send Gmail invite message.

  • Once you enter email ID(s) of friend(s), click preview invite button to see sample of invite email that your friend will receive. Click Send Invite button to finally send invitation email to selected friend(s).
  • Just like old days, each account still has 50 invites limit. This means you can only invite maximum of 50 friends from single Gmail account. Once your friend receives invite email, click through invitation link and setup new Gmail email account.