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How To Reactivate And Deactivate Facebook Account

Kindly Follow these process here for How to Activate and Deactivate Facebook Account

Process here to follow if you want to recover/ reactivate your facebook account

Facebook automatically stores the data for closed and deactivated accounts so that users can reopen them again easily if they have a change of heart. If you previously closed or deactivated your Facebook account but now want to reopen it, you can easily reactivate the account by logging in with your old username and password.

  • Launch your Web browser, and navigate to
  • Type your username into the relevant input field on the Facebook login page. The username is the email address that you used when you first registered the account.
  • Type your password into the relevant input field. Enter the password carefully, because Facebook uses case-sensitive passwords.
  • Click the "Login" button. This will open and reactivate your Facebook account. You can access your Facebook friends list and all previously uploaded data, including status updates, notes, photos and videos.

  • So its very simple anser of your question how to reactivate your facebook account still you are not able to understand you can follow on website of facebook help.

Process to follow if you want to know how to Deactivate/Delete Facebook account

To deactivate your very own account, start by going to "Settings", then "Security":.

See that last link, in a different typeface and color? Click on "Deactivate your account".

You'll get here:.

See all those reasons for leaving? Facebook has answers for practically all of them that attempt to keep you around, handy FAQs on how to deal with a hacked account, excessive e-mail, ways to find out Facebook, time management, and so on. In truth, it appears like the only method you can really * quit * Facebook is to pick "Other".

Do that, click "Verify" if you're sure you wish to continue, and ...

Makes good sense. But then a click "Deactivate Now" and ...

Yeah, it's their website, not yours, so you need to support and supply a reason.

you can simply state "Fed up" in that box. I imply, what are they going to do, say your reason isn't really legitimate and you can't deactivate??

Finally, when you do get things lined up for their process, you'll see this:.

Here's exactly what I discover curious: I inspected "opt out of future e-mail" and Facebook nonetheless sent an e-mail message with instructions on ways to reactivate the account. Apparently "leave me alone" isn't quite clear enough:.

I can just hope and presume that the account is now properly shut off and will not reveal up in people's good friend lists, on searches, and so on. And that's how it's done.

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