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How To Recover Google Play Store Account | +1-802-478-7548

There are multiple ways to get Google Play back, depending on what exactly you may have done to the app.

Enable from App Settings

There are chances you may still be having Google Play on your device. It may have just been ‘disabled’. To fix this:

  • Head over to Settings on your Android device. Then head over to ‘Applications’ or ‘Application Manager’ or whatever your phone calls it.
  • Apps are usually divided into ‘Downloaded’, ‘On card’, ‘Running’ and ‘All’. Click on ‘All’.
  • Scroll around and you may find ‘Google Play Store’ in the list. Tap to open.
  • If you see a ‘Disabled’ configuration on this app – tap to Enable.

That’s it. You should have your beloved Play Store back again.

Download and Install the APK

If Google Play is entirely missing from your device, you may have to download and reinstall its APK file. To do this:

Download the Google Play Store APK from one of these 4 mirrors:

  • AndroidFileHost mirror
  • ZippyShare mirror
  • MediaFire mirror
  • MEGA mirror
  • Once downloaded, move the APK file to your device.
    Install the APK. Restart if you must. And you should be good to go!

Worst Case Scenario: Format your Device

If the APK method isn’t getting you your Play Store back and nothing seems to be working, there is only one fool-proof way left – format your phone.

  • You will need to perform a factory reset in order to restore your phone to its original settings.
  • Perform a backup of important data that you wouldn’t want to lose.
  • Then head over to Settings – Privacy – Factory Reset – check Erase Everything.
  • Now sit back and relax while your phone boots up, this time with Play Store.