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How to reduce Gmail iphone app storage space?

Many a times the iphone users come across issues of storage space on their mobile devices. Users save many applications, videos, images and many more items on their iphone because of which the storage space is obviously an issue. Emails on the phone also takes up lots of space and creates issues for the users.

So, in this case the users can simply reduce the space on their iphone devices by following some of the methods. There are various settings in the email that can also be changed for reducing the storage space.

  • Users should try not to download every images that comes as an attachment with the email. For doing the users can block their iphone devices to download these images. User can block this by
  • - select on settings on the iphone.

    - select on mail, contacts and calendar option.

    - go down to the mail menu option.

    - select on load remote images option and turn it off.

  • Users should delete their emails as soon as possible as there are times when the emails goes to the trash and is still saved there. So, if the email is of no use then simply delete it from the trash as well. For changing the settings :

    - select on settings.

    - go to mail, contacts and calendars.

    - select on the email domain for which the settings needs to be changed.

    - select on account.

    - click on advanced.

    - select on deleted messages option.

Therefore, these are the ways through which the storage space can be reduced on the iphone. On the other hand the users can contact on the gmail customer service phone number and can know more about it.