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How to Send Text Messages from Gmail Account

How to enable Send SMS/Text Messages feature in Gmail

It is very simple to add the feature. You can do it from the Google Labs. Followings are the steps involving to enable the SMS or text message feature via Google Labs in your Gmail account.

1. Sign-in to your Gmail account.

2. Click on “Settings” from the right hand top corner of the windows.

3. Click on “Labs” tab.

4. Scroll down for the lab feature “gmark” and click on the enable button.

5. Save the changes from the end of the page.

You are done! Now you can send SMS from the chat gadget of Gmail.

But if you want things to be done more comfortably then you can enable another feature from the Lab list to add a gadget to your account. It allows you to send SMS to any body from a gadget at your Gmail account.

The name of that lab feature is “Send SMS”.

This works only if you have enabled the “gmark” lab feature.