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How to unlock your Apple ID has been disabled?

Apple is a top-notch company of America which is very popular among the users for its security features. Sometimes when Apple feels that something isn't right with the login procedure of your Apple ID, then it lock all your applications and block everybody. Are you one among those who are not able to access their Apple ID on Mac or other Apple product? Then why are you confusing? Read this article very carefully and learn the basic steps of unlocking Apple ID.

Apple provides several convenient ways to its users to restore account using either Apple ID or any other information which is specified at the time of Apple account creation. There are some easy instructions give below, which can help you to unlock your Apple ID:

Step 1:- First of all, open Safari on your Mac and then to the

Step 2:- Enter your First Name, Last Name and Email Address int the given field.

Step 3:- Tap on the Next.

Step 4:- After that, you have to seen the option of password recovery under the two-step verification and then choose any one option to receive verification code.

Step 5:- Presently enter the received verification code into the given box.

Step 6:- Enter a new password for your Apple ID into the New Password field and re-enter the same password into the Confirm Password field.

Step 7:- After that, tap on the Reset Password icon to complete the process .

Now you are allowed to access your Apple services without any difficulties. Are you not competent enough to unlock your Apple ID with the above given instructions? Then don’t be depressed. You can dial Apple technical support number and avail the independent help from the adept technicians who can offer you an effective solutions in a real time. These professionals have a rich knowledge which can help you to fix your Apple related issues within a few time. You can dial these numbers at 24/7 hours.