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How to update play store manually

These are known issues with Google Play Store. Sometime, the download or update process could be pending for a long time and occasionally, players may get errors when trying to open Google Play Store. Depending on which OS version is running on your device, the solution could be different. 

Can you try the steps mentioned below:

1) Clear the Google Play Store cache 
2) Clear out your Play Store data 
3) Uninstall Play Store updates 
4) Clear data and cache on Google Play Services 
5) Install the latest version of Google Play Services 
6) Reset your Google account on your phone 
7) Enable download manager 
8) For rooted users: edit hosts file 

The app download and upgrade progress in the store is controlled by Google, the quickest way to get this sorted is to get in touch with the Store support. Therefore, I am redirecting you to Google Play Support.