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How to upload photo on google search engine

To upload pictures on google image search follow these steps:

There is a common misconception between people that there is a direct way by which we can able to upload images to google, But this is not true.

we can not submit our images directly to google images,after all its not a image hosting image search is a search engine for images and search engine fetches results from sites in its index.

If you want to upload our personal or business images on google then firstly you have to submit that images to picasa,flicker or any Personal or commercial blog or site.

To upload images on google with Picasa follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Picasa Web Albums at
  • Click Upload.
  • Set your album title.
  • Click Choose photos to upload.
  • After the images upload, hover over a thumbnail to add a caption,google use this caption to set keywords for images.its recommended to use a suitable caption because with the help of this caption you can able to search your images over google images.
  • Click OK.

To upload images on google with flicker follow these steps:

  • open
  • Click the "Upload" link on top of the page. a "Web Uploader" interface appears.
  • Click "Choose photos and videos" link in the center of the page. Select files from Your Computer.
  • Choose a privacy setting.
  • Click the "Upload Photos and Videos" button.
  • Add Suitable tags, change the picture's title and write a short description of the image on the next page, if desired.
  • Click "Save" and you are done.

To upload images on google with Blog/Sites article follow these steps:

You can also able to embedded desired image with your blog or site posts with suitable description.after crawling of your blog you can able to see that in image results.

Remarks: Above all three methods take some time approx 2-3 days to be able to show your images on google image search because of search engine crawling reasons.