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How To Upload Videos on Facebook


Facebook is the platform that has gained such a popularity among the audience from the first day of starting itself. So if you are a novice facebook user then you may have a number of queries about how to use it efficiently. If this is your case then you need not have to worry at all since the company has provided a number of platforms in order to solve all the queries of the users.

How to upload video on facebook?

  • If you are facing the issue that you are not able to upload the video on the facebook then in that case you have to note that there are a multiple ways to do so. You can do it in the following ways:-
  • In order to start the process you have to first of all tap on the option saying What’s on your mind.
  • In order to post any thing whether a video itself you have to start a nw post.
  • Once you do so then you just need to tap on the camera button which is basically present at the bottom most of the post field on the screen.
  • Now just in case you are doing it for the first time then you have to allow the permission to access the camera.
  • After that youn just have to tap on the video that you wish to upload, here you have the option to select a number of videos if you wish.
  • Just in case you do not want to upload a video that already exist then you also have an option of recording the new video instantly.
  • In order to record a new video you have to tap on the camera button and then on the + sign and the recording will start and then you can just post the video once the recording is finished.

The above mentioned process is the simple process that you can easily follow and just in case you feel that its is tough one then no worries, sinc you can opt for other methods.

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