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How To Verify Facebok Page With Blue Tick

Needed to Verify the Facebook page go through Following steps

The gray badge or blue tick of the Facebook enhances the credibility of the page as it verifies how authentic a page is because there could be different pages with the same name.

If you are a popular or if you own a business and want to stand out on the Facebook platform with authenticity, then, you can do it by verifying your page as it gives a uniqueness and authenticity to your facebook page.  

You can get verified by Facebook, if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Journalism

  • Popular brand or businesses

  • Government body

  • Celebrities

  • Media

  • Entertainment

  • Sports companies

If you are in any one of the above industry, then, you can get easily verified.

Blue badge gives verification to public figures and personalities with large audiences

Gray badge has been introduced for local businesses with valid addresses. Moreover, any type of company can adopt this one.

If you want to know how to verify facebook page blue tick,  then go through following settings:

  1. If your profile does not fall into any of the above mentioned category, then, change it to public figure by changing the settings to : About> Category.

  2. Link the profile of yours with official website.

  3. Based upon the category of the page, different types of basic information appears in the about section of the Page.

  4. Since, your profile is going to be a public one, all your information must be authentic ones.

  5. Make your facebook profile public by default.

  6. Contact facebook and get verified. You need to include a Government ID.

  7. Write an impressive, authentic and compelling reason as to why you should get verified. You can write about your own achievements, how famous you are, you can include link to your website and press releases about you .

  8. Now, wait for 2 -5 days and facebook reverts you.

how to verify facebook page with gray badge

If your organization is a multinational or you own a local small, medium size or large business, then, you can apply for a gray verification. To know how to verify facebook page with gray badge, go through following:

  1. Click on Settings at the top right corner of the page.

  2. Click on General.

  3. Go to Page Visibility.

  4. Click on Edit.

  5. Click on Verify the page.

  6. Click on Get Started.

  7. Provide a publicly listed contact number which is linked to your business, country, and language.

  8. Click on Call me Now.

  9. Facebook calls with the verification code.

  10. Follow the on -screen instructions.

Use the above steps to get your page verified.

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