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Google is the free of cost search engine, which has been developed and also launched by the Google company. One can use this platform to make a search regarding any query in your mind and you will surely get the solution.

How to make Google map by default in your iphone ?

Google map is one of the navigation application from Google company. And hence here we are talking about to make it as a by default map application on the Apple device that is iphone. So, its a very common error and problem faced by the regular user, they try to make it by there ow and end up getting nothing because it cannot be don so easy. It creates problem because Google application is from other company and you want to in built it in other Apple company product which is impossible. Because Apple has its own in built application to provide you the proper navigation while you are out or on your way. Apple company does not allow any of its product to support any other hostile or unknown third party application to its device.

Apple company has not provided any such feature in its Apple device so that it could support any other application from other telecommunication industry. So, to install or work with the Google map application then your iphone should be ‘jailbroken’ to support other outsider application over your iphone device. If you have jailbroken your device then you have freed your device from restricting it from not supporting the other application on iphone.

And if any one wants to avail the ‘jailbrokers’, over there iphone then he or she need to follow some steps.

  • First of all open your iphone device.

  • Then move to the ‘Cydia store’ in your device.

  • Just type the ‘mapsOpener’ in the search bar.

  • Now install the ‘’MapsOpener’ in your iphone.

Now as you have finish installing it then it will surely allow you to install and download the third party or other source application on to your device. As it installed one will be able automatically route map the information from google maps instead of Apple map store. And after the there no such settings required that you need to change in your iphone.

And in case you feel any kind of problem regarding the google map settings then kindly contact theGoogle support phone numberto provide you the proper assistance in your work.