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Two step verification for hotmail account

Hotmail email account is one of the best webmail accounts which is highly used by the users on their android mobile phone. Having configured Outlook email account someone can turn on the two steps verification for the security of the email account. But before that understand the best task of the two-step verification, often referred by users as "two-factor authentication" and sometimes abbreviated as an advanced security layer included on Microsoft Accounts. It makes more difficult for hackers to get access and gain control of any person`s account.

Even if someone managed to guess the password, without the second form of authentication, it would be near impossible to break in on any person`s account. Microsoft offers three ways to set up two-step verification. Someone can use a secondary email address, phone number, or he can also opt to configure an authenticator app. Once a second authentication is set up, every time he signs in from a new location or on a new device, he will be prompted a security code to prove that he is the one who to say.

Here are the following instructions to make the account more secure using the authenticator apps:

  • Start android device and then click the Outlook apps and enter the correct email address and password and click the sign in button.

  • Go to the account settings and then select the two steps verification link option.

  • Click the next button and then choose an app from the drop-down menu.

  • Now select the device and then click the next option.

  • Click the turn on button and then click the done button at the end of the option.

Having turned on the two steps verification option a user will get security code several times and which only proves that it was you who sign in the account on this new or google chrome browser. For more information and genuine technical recommendation, a user is always required to contact Hotmail customer service center to find out the solution utterly at once. So not to worry and contact tech support team to resolve a variety of issues at any time.