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what is google wallet ?How does Google Wallet work to send money?

Google developed a peer to peer payment service naming it as Google Wallet allows the individuals to transfer or receive money electronically using mobile device or computer for absolutely free using digital wallet. However, setting up a Google Wallet account requires the details of an existing debit card or bank account. Moreover, Google Wallet can also be used through the Google Wallet application, Gmail account and the Google Wallet Card. The application is available for the Android devices who uses Android 4.0 and above and for the iOS it should be iOS 7.0 and above.

Google Wallet sending money

Google wallet helps an individual to send money to anyone, anywhere using their debit card or their Wallet Balance and the recipient receives it within few minutes. However, if the individual is not using the Google Wallet and fails to claim it within a period of 14days then the money automatically gets returned to the sender. The chances of losing money is minimal in digital wallet. To send money, the individual can ask assistance from the Google technical support number initially. To do so

  • The individual first need to go to
  • Then click $0 and enter the amount he or she want to send
  • The enter the recipient's name, email address or phone number
  • And then confirm the amount and the selected payment method. The individual can also include a memo
  • And then click Send

The user need to note that in case if he or she had made a mistake or desires to change his or her mind then the individual have few seconds to select Cancel Transfer and stop the payment.