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What is the difference between big data and Hadoop

Many people are unaware with the concept of Big Data and Hadoop. Here you can get a differentiation between the both and know how both are different. Big Data is a heap of large amount of data that can be beneficial for a company. Big Data may include data with different formats that needs processing before getting utilized.

Processed means the raw data of Big Data must be processed to get useful information and this processing is done through open source software that is known as Hadoop.

The Difference

  • Big data is repository of large amount of data that can help a company achieve their goal while Hadoop is software developed to handle this huge storage of data effectively. Hadoop is a Framework designed to handle the Big Data.
  • Big Data can be complex if data is of various formats whereas Hadoop performs various operations to manage and interpret this Big Data to achieve the desired goal.
  • Big Data have various formats of data available whereas Hadoop must be designed to handle these kinds of formats using structured, semi-structured or completely unstructured coding.
  • Big Data can be called raw data whereas Hadoop can be called as a machine to process these raw data to get the result oriented output.
  • Big Data is a private property of any organization whereas Hadoop is open-source software that is maintained by global community of users.
  • Big Data is a complex asset which requires multiple interpretations for better result whereas Hadoop is the tool that performs multiple interpretations for the raw data and further helps in achieving the company goal through various operations.

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