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Which big data certification is best Online Big Data hadoop Certification Cost

Big Data is a concept in which large amount of data is processed, analyzed, and information is extracted from it to reach a conclusion. Since some time, a lot of courses have come up on Big Data which are a starting stone for the Big data manipulation and processing. Big Data courses include Hadoop, R, SAS, Hive and other technologies that are used to harness the concept of Big Data and process the data to extract results. There are a lot of different certification courses available online that thrive on the ig Data concept. These are discussed below:

Data Management and Analytics Course by Microsoft

Microsoft is a big name in computers and a specialized course offered by them on Big Data commands a lot of respect. For this course, Microsoft uses its tools such as Azure, SQL Server and its analytics and BI tools. This course helps people to utilize the tools and create databases, use cloud platforms and use big data for cloud based servers.

SAS Certified Data Scientist Course

SAS which stands for Statistical Analysis of Data is a standalone company that deals all the highly sophisticated tools and environments for data analysis. Their SAS enterprise guide is the most famous of them all. A certified Data Scientist course by SAS is the equally challenging as well as interesting. This certification contains around four to five exams along with a heft amount of money.

Cloudera Certified Professional

Cloudera is an online platform that offers different courses on Big Data . The most famous of them being Certified Professional Data Engineers. This course comprises the ways on how use Big Data to make decisions as best as possible by reaching logical conclusions.

Cost of Hadoop course: A lot of courses on Big Data require the user to go through Hadoop. The cost for the same varies from course to course with the courses ranging from a few hundred dollars to a around thousands of dollars. One must check the importance and applicability of the Hadoop course rather than the cost incurred since cost is not directly proportional to practical application. You must choose a course in Hadoop that teaches the basics of Big Data and how to use the technology to the best of it for reaching best solutions.