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Which is the best certification for Hadoop? and why

Nowadays, companies look for better and easier ways to pull out the information data. And Big data system is the best choice for it that manage, store and transfer a large amount of data and available to them. Big data system administrators store, manage and transfer large sets of data, makes the manageable to analysis. If you do Big Data Hadoop certification, then you will qualify as big data experts in an organization.

Which is the best certification for Big Data Hadoop?

There are two types of Hadoop certifications, namely Cloudera and Hortonworks. Cloudera is one of the leading Hadoop distribution vendors in the market in both market share and mindshare field. it proffer a wide range of certifications for IT professionals. Cloudera will help you to begin Big Data Hadoop certifications and take your career into a new path.

Benefits of Cloudera Big Data Hadoop certification

  • Cloudera Big Data Hadoop Certification completely focuses on the main factors of Hadoop and spark ecosystem. The Hadoop certification exam does not ask anything about Cloudera Hadoop distribution and it will improve your Big Data Hadoop skills.
  • This certification will open various job openings doors for Big Data Hadoop. When you mention it on your resume, you will get more intension in front of the job recruiter.
  • It will increase your various skills where you will get 3 times hikes in your salary as compared to non Hadoop certified professionals because there is huge demand of this certification in every organization.

How to get Big Data Hadoop Certification?

If you have decided to do Big Data Hadoop Certification, then you can easily do that? There are multiple ways available in the market and you can online get this certification. A lots of websites proffer training for Big Data Hadoop Certification training and then you can get this training through online classroom training and video lecture.