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Why Gmail Not Working on IPhone Or iPad

How Do I Get Quick Fix Issues If Gmail Not Working Problem Occurs

People using iphone or ipad  cab do various internet related things on the phone itself. Gmail users can send and receive emails, through iphone. User just need to add the account , which he want to access through iphone or ipad. The important settings include :

  • Correct user id 
  • Correct password
  • Correct incoming and outgoing  server settings
  • Correct port numbers for both the servers

Fix Issues If Gmail Not Working on IPhone or iPad

If these settings are correct , then user can access Gmail account through his iphone or ipad. Lets see what the server settings for Gmail are and how they can be set?
  1. If the gmail  not working on iphone, first delete or remove the account completely.
  2. Now to have all the Google things on your ios device, one should use Microsoft Exchange in place of separate Gmail or Google account.
  3. So, from the home screen, go to Settings, and then tap on Mail , Calendar& Contacts.
  4. Scroll down and tap on Add Account.
  5. Now from the list of the webmail services, select Exchange.
  6. Now, on the next screen, enter your full Gmail id and password. Tap Next.
  7. The screen will show message, "could not verify the certificate".
  8. Tap on Cancel and in the server field, enter
  9. This is it ! Now you can access your Gmail account, can manage calendar and contacts and other Google applications. 
Android, is all Google based, accessing Gmail is not difficult. But if user is facing few difficulties in accessing the account, here are few things he can check out.
  1. Go to the account settings and make sure that the Sync Account is checked.
  2. Go to Settings, the tap on Apps & Notifications.
  3. Again tap on Apps, look for Gmail, tap on it and then hit Storage.
  4. Further tap on Clear Data and finally hit OK.
  5. Update the Gmail app.
  6. If problem not solved, go to Settings, then to Accounts and then tap on Google and then hit Remove account and add it again.
These steps can resolve the issues like gmail not working on ipad or not working on android. Still if any issue is ther, user can call at the Gmail tech support phone number and can ask the experts about the problem. Another important issue is 2 step verification. This method is designed to keep the account safe so that no other person can access the account instantly if user has lost his password. The method is great for the security purpose but at the same time , it may effect the account from even opening. Many people reported the issue that gmail not working on android after 2 step verification is ON.  Here it is discussed , why and how to deal with it.

If Gmail not working on android after 2 step verification

While you make the 2 step verification, you also need an App Password. With normal password, the account or any other Google application or Outlook, or Thunderbird or YouTube etc. will not open. User have to enter that app password. Though , in the latest versions of ios, this app password is not needed. App passwords are generated once. It is like an OTP, one time password. If you want to access Gmail without it then just turn off the 2 step verification. Turning OFF the 2 step notification will allow user to enter the normal password. If the problem is still there then one should check the settings.
Ask the experts if required as the tech support is 24/7 available.
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