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Yahoo mail on ipad not working ?

As Yahoo is the very popular name, it has been heard off through anyone.It has been serving users from so many years and has created reputation among it’s users.Now the scene is that it is used for both completing both personal as well as official tasks.It is one of the reliable platform through which users could assure about the security.The chances of getting technical flaws would decreased if the individual will use Yahoo.It has been found that, even after all such qualities in Yahoo,individual would come under the influence of sudden bugs.For solving all such bugs,users are requires to do instant connection through the support team.

Multiple threats are there that has been fixed through the support team in which may see the resolution for one:

How to fix Yahoo mail when it is not working on iPad?


  • First users are required to assure that they know the correct password for their Yahoo email account.
  • Users are now required to open Safari and should navigate to to do the login in
  • account.
  • It is now required to find “Settings app “ on the iPad and then go to “Settings” that would be followed through choosing Mail, Contacts and Calendars for seeing the existing email accounts.
  • Users should now tap Yahoo account to access the mail settings, and then should click the option for “Delete Account”
  • The warning box would pop-up that inform the users about deleting the account ,users are required tap the option for “Delete” now
  • Individual should now click the option for “Add Account”and then should tap the option for Yahoo!
  • From the pop-up box, users are required to enter their full name and email address with the password.
  • It is now required to go for “Next” that is at the top right-hand corner for the confirmation of the Settings.
  • Now through the next screen, users should now select that which Yahoo! services individual would like to sync to the iPad device.
  • Tap the “Save” option in the top right-hand corner for saving the preferences


For those who still need additional help for the above given problem,they are required to contact the technical team instantly.The technical team knows the accurate solution for the bugs.