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Is your Google Chrome Extension not working?

Posted By: kwin gill

Extensions are additional services that can be added to users’ browser at any point of time. If users are not being able to add the extension in their browser then they will not be able to enjoy some of the additional features with their browser. Below mentioned is an effective and legit procedure which users can follow in order to fix such issues within the shortest span of time. Users can always seek some online query if they are unable to get the effective solution for the underlying issue or error.

Steps to fix Google Chrome extension not working issue:

  • First of all users can look for updates and if any sort of such things are available then they can always update the same to the latest edition. Users can update their browser by visiting the Chrome menu from the browser toolbar and then they can select About Google Chrome. Chrome will now check for updates and then they can Relaunch their browser to ensure updates have been uploaded.
  • If things are still not fixed then they can try deleting the cache, cookies, and history from the browser and then they can try accessing their Google Chrome Extension.
  • Users can also try switching on to their Incognito mode and then they can try accessing their Google Chrome Extension.
  • If things still remain unfixed then finally users can try resetting their browser by visiting the Chrome menu and then on Settings, and then they can move on to Show Advanced Settings. Users can now move on to the Reset Settings section and click on Reset Settings from there to reset their browser on an immediate basis.

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