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Why symantec antivirus is not updating?

Posted By: kayramelly

There are times when the Symantec anti virus users complaints that the anti virus is not getting updated and is creating several issues in the process. So, if the Symantec anti virus is not updating then there are various reasons for it. Some of the reasons for it not working are mnetioned below:

  • The database used by the Symantec Endpoint Protection manager (SEPM) has no more space.
  • The old and the corrupted virus in the system disables the SEPM from updating the anti virus.

Therefore, to solve this updating issue the users can simply follow these below given steps and further they can easily solve the issue if the Symantec anti virus is not updating to the new version.

Hence there are various ways that the users should go through so as to sole this issue:

  • First of all the users should stop the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager services and also the Symantec Endpoint protection.
  • Users should also update the Live update catalog by going through this following link http://localhost:9090/servlet/ConsoleServlet?ActionType=ConfigServer&action=PublishLuInventory.

  • After this the users should also uninstall the Live update services.

  • Then, the Live update should again be re-installed.

  • After the Live update is completed the Symantec Endpoint protection services should be restart.

  • Users then need to log in to the Symantec Endpoint protection manager and should launch the live update from going to the admin.

Source : Norton Antivirus Customer Service